Finding the perfect vehicle isn't easy, but our team at Bill Gray Volvo will simplify one of the most stressful parts: financing.

Our financing experts will be able to find you a model that will work with the needs of your life, showing you that a Volvo comes equipped with some of the most advanced features and technology, but, more importantly, we make sure you have a monthly payment plan that works with your lifestyle.


Loans Vs Leases

There are many differences between getting a loan or a lease even though they are both ways to finance your vehicle. Getting a loan for a new Volvo means buying and owning a car or SUV forever. Buying does offer the benefit of being able to drive it for as far as you want and changing whatever you want but comes with the drawback of higher payments.

Leasing means lower payments but offers terms that are stricter for driving. You will have a mileage limit, can't change the vehicle, and need to prove that it is getting routine maintenance throughout the time that you are driving it.

Our team can work with you to ensure you are getting the financing option that is right for your lifestyle.


Visit Our Dealership to Learn More

Our financing experts will work with you to get you the best options for your new vehicle. All you need to do is visit our dealership and we will be able to help you get into one that you will love with the payment plan that you need.

Our team works with many different credit lenders to ensure many of our customers will be able to find everything that they need when they are here. We have experience working with many drivers with varying financial situations and we are ready to work with you!

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