With the V60 and the slightly larger V90, Volvo does not lack for any luxury-oriented wagons for drivers in the Pittsburgh area to choose from. Granted, either nameplate is stuffed with enough premium features to provide a pleasant experience. However, more specifically, there are quite a few reasons why you should choose a Cross Country out of all the trim levels available on either ride.

Standard All-Wheel Drive

All wheels are engaged. Typically, the V60 and V90 come with a front-wheel drivetrain. Not the Cross Country model. All-wheel drive is standard, with torque sent to the four wheels to keep them planted on the ground. The result? Better traction performance, especially when traversing Bethel Park, PA surfaces made slippery by snow, ice, or rain.

Enhanced Ground Clearance

The ground clearance is increased. What if you drive back roads or find yourself thrust into unpaved pathways with your Cross Country vehicle? There will most likely be twigs, rocks, bumps, dips, and other types of unpleasant elements along the way, ready to inflict damage upon your V60 or V90 undercarriage. Thankfully, the suspension is lifted a few inches further from the driving surface. Consequently, Canonsburg drivers will be much more at ease about not hearing anything hitting what’s underneath and possibly warranting an expensive repair.

Hill Descent Control

In addition to the standard all-wheel drivetrain, the Cross Country model has hill descent control. This is especially crucial for going down a slope. No matter how rough or smooth the trail is, you will be able to have a controlled descent without once pressing the brake pedal.

It's Ready for Nearly Anything

The Cross Country has a rugged orientation. As an exterior nod to its off-road orientation, the Cross Country wagon has exclusive black-finished body cladding. The cladding adds protection in high wear areas, as well as make the model look more primed for trail adventures.

Test Drive a V60 or V90 Cross Country Near West Mifflin, PA

To find out more about the Cross Country versions of the Volvo V60 or V90, contact us at Bill Gray Volvo Cars in McMurray and see what we have to offer.

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