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The 2021 Volvo XC90 makes a good case for being the top luxury midsize SUV on the market. It has a lot going for it, including its feature set, interior quality, and value. Volvo has been working on the XC line of SUVs for a few years now, and the XC90 is in a great place after a few years of updates. If you want a three-row SUV that has plenty of luxury elements but costs less than the competition, then the XC90 is going to check off a lot of boxes for you.

Vehicle Overview

The XC90 has been around for a few years. Volvo's luxury line of SUVs debuted to great acclaim, and they have only gotten better since then. The 2021 model is similar to 2020, with a few extra added features. The most notable of these is a wireless charging pad. 2020, the previous year, was an important model because it added in some performance enhancements and other notable improvements. 2021 takes those improvements and incorporates some new standard features to improve the value of the lower trims. That makes 2021 perhaps the best year for trying out the XC90-- it is in its best form to date.


Volvo has long been known as a manufacturer that takes safety seriously and puts it at the heart of their designs. In that sense, the XC90 is no different from any other Volvo. First of all, when it comes to accidents, the XC90 scores very well on crash tests. The real innovation nowadays is in avoiding crashes in the first place. There, the 2021 XC90 has a long list of safety tech and driver assistance features. For example, it has forward collision warning combined with automatic braking assistance to avoid obstacles and cars in front of you, and that' standard on all trims. Adaptive cruise control is also standard, and that's an advanced feature that is usually left on the top trim when it appears on other models. Lane-keep assist, blind-spot monitoring-- these are common safety tech features, but it isn't common to see them standard. This reflects Volvo's commitment to a safe vehicle at an affordable price for Pittsburgh and Canonsburg drivers. The 2021 XC90 is ideal for a family that needs all the space of a three-row SUV that seats six or seven, and that holds true whether the XC90 is your first luxury vehicle or not.

Interior and Technology

The first thing that really stands out about the interior of the 2021 XC90 is just how big it is. The midsize SUV category has three rows, so all of the competition has a good amount of room, but the XC90 still has more capacity than most. The seating is extremely comfortable, and the driver's seat and passenger seat get a lot of upgrades in the top trim. If you have shopped for other 2021 luxury vehicles, then you have probably seen many of the tech features before. There's a touchscreen, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, Bluetooth, a digital instrument display, and navigation. It is easy to move through the menus and the selections in the infotainment interface, which saves time and aggravation. The tech options can vary slightly as you go up the trims, but in general, it is the comfort and luxury aspects that change the most between trim levels. You can use that to help you decide on which trim is the best fit.


The 2021 XC90 has three trim levels. The names of the trim levels correspond to similar trims on other Volvo vehicles, so you might be familiar with them if you have perused Volvos before. The first trim is the Momentum. It has most of the XC90's features, including the bulk of all its safety features and tech. It has a moonroof, USB ports, smartphone connectivity for your devices, onboard navigation, and more. The second trim is called the R-Design. The R-Design takes the features from the Momentum and makes some upgrades. The sound system has more higher-quality speakers, the upholstery becomes genuine leather instead of synthetic, and it gets many performance enhancements. The R-Design also has a new interior and exterior design that gives it more of a sporty feel. The last trim is the Inscription. The Inscription has mostly the same features as the R-Design, but does not have the redone looks. It has its design, plus some seat upgrades: standard heating and ventilation and optional massaging for the front two seats. The best trim comes down to the level of comfort you want. All the essentials are in the base trim, so the next two add on more luxurious elements.

The 2021 XC90 Volvo is a luxury SUV that succeeds at just about everything. It has a great set of engines, many advanced features, a comfortable and high-quality interior, and a price lower than many of its peers. Now that you have read through the feature lists, the next step is to experience the 2021 XC90 for yourself. That means scheduling a test drive. Try out the different engines and trims so that you can settle on the combination and configuration that you want. This is also the time to consider options and packages. Then you can make a final decision about whether the XC90 is the right SUV for your family, and if so, what kind of XC90 you want.

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