OSD letter




I would like to share with everyone my recent journey to Sweden via the Volvo overseas delivery program. My goal is to document my adventure, list my pros and cons, and display pictures which were taken throughout the trip in hopes of assisting anyone with an interest in experiencing this exciting trip as well. This was my first trip overseas so my biggest concern was what I was going to do for the 8 hour flight to and from Stockholm. I can tell you that everything went smoothly and that I simply ran out of time on the return flight home reflecting on all of the things that I had done, listing everything that  I had missed, and preparing for my return trip back.



This trip had two parts to it, one was to experience the overseas delivery program just like a client would and the second was to have a first look at the all new Volvo S60 sedan . The overseas delivery program by Volvo is by far the most exciting and value oriented one between all of the manufacturers that have such a program. The program entitles you to a significant savings off of your purchase, 2 round trip airline tickets, and a one night hotel stay in Gothenburg. You can return your Volvo back to Gothenburg for a no charge home shipment or choose one of multiple different home shipment locations throughout Europe for a small fee. Also, you are provided 15 days of insurance and the opportunity to purchase additional days if needed and the flexibility to which city you would like to fly in and out of.



When you arrive in Gothenburg to take delivery of your Volvo you will be given a tour of the Brand Experience Center as well as receive a ride on the famous blue train that tours the Volvo plant. I had the opportunity to experience both of these tours and learned a large amount of information. The Brand Experience Center has multiple displays and interactive features that will test your knowledge about auto safety as well as an actual older model S60 that was recovered from a terrible crash with a video narrated from the survivor. The tour through the plant is equally impressive as watching tops and bottoms of automobiles becoming one, interiors being placed inside the car, and tires, windshields, etc. being put on as well is something that you do not get to see every day.


I hope that my journey might inspire you to inquire about this exciting program.


Joe Gusky                                              

Sales manager

Bill Gray Volvo